Military production


Product description

SRB steel pontoon parks developed by CEFA are manufactured under HCP license in Poland. The SRB pontoon park is both a floating bridge and a ferry designed to overcome water obstacles by tracked vehicles up to MLC 85T or wheeled vehicles up to MLC 120 W.

The offered pontoon park is a connection system that has been designed to be compatible with NATO, strong, multifunctional and flexible in use for loads of different weights. It is a system easy to install by the engineering unit after a short training period. In addition, it has a low life cycle cost, requires minimal maintenance and is adapted to various types of vehicles. It has a universal transport palette, ensuring perfect adaptation to any type of operation and enabling road transport with any type of civil or military trucks 6x6 or 8x8.

"Vedette F2" cutters are used to operate the bridge.

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