FROM 1846…

The world of H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. has been created by various products which were ground-breaking right from the start, considering the era in which they were created.

This innovation mindset has become something of a tradition at HCP.
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H.Cegielski-Poznań S.A.

Manufacturing of steel structures
Production based on customer's technical documentation
Radial air blowers
Radial air blowers for various industries
Spare parts
Spare parts for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines
24h/7 technical support
Renewable energy systems
Renewable energy 24h/7
Biogas plants
Hydrokinetic power plants
Disposal waste
Comprehensive solution to the problem of waste
Research and Development
New products at the stage of implementation
Other areas of activity
Information technology
Energy trading
Real estate

The Employees of H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. are often called the "Cegielszczacy" or "Cegielski’s lads and lasses".

Here, at H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A., our employees have been building up the Company's potential and have ultimately brought about its continuous development. Being a "Cegielszczak" -a Cegielski’s lad (or lass) -does not mean just working at H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. Being a "Cegielszczak” is that certain intangible something, that certain set of values, ​​professed by generations of specialists in various fields, their pride in- and their awareness of- a job well done, being passed down through the generations, to where we are today.