Disposal waste

Disposal waste

Product description

We supply modern technology and provide complex solutions to waste problems, ensuring the highest available level of recovery and recycling. The innovative method for the sterilisation of mixed, municipal waste improves the sorting process and allows the separating out of dry, ready-to-process fragments of very high purity.

The advantages of installation supplied by HCP SA:

  • The “turnkey” construction of innovative, simple, closed and effective waste-management systems on a regional scale,
  • The lowest investment costs, viz. 3-5 times less than traditional incineration plants and operational costs, viz. 4-7 times less than other technologies, with maximum success in reaching recycling-related goals,
  • A high level - over 95% - of recovery and recycling, meeting strict EU requirements up to 2020,
  • Lower waste quantities: mass and humidity reduction by 15%, five-fold volume reduction,
  • Environmental and human protection: complete elimination of waste odours, reduction of carbon dioxide and methane, elimination of epidemiological threats, limitation of the quantity of stored waste – maximum ecological and economic  results,
  • Recovery of re-cyclites ready to be processed, enabling the quick return of investment outlay
          -clean, broken glass(99%) fir use in glass production,
          -clean metals, segregated into ferrous and non-ferrous,
          -clean plastics, ideal for recycling,
          -separated biomass, to be used as substrate in biogas plants, construction materials, calorific fuel and,            potentially, as soil improvers,
          -fragments of paper, textiles, foil scraps for use as highly calorific fuel,
  • The possibility of waste recovery from already-existing landfills,
  • No necessity to burden the Customer with the responsibility of sorting his waste, limiting the cost of transporting waste “from source” only.

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