Spare parts

Spare parts

Product description

H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. guarantees the highest quality of its products, from the selection of the suppliers of materials and completed products, through production, product preparation, shipment and comprehensive customer service.

All delivered parts are genuine and produced according to the licensors’ standards, thus providing high quality of manufacturing and compatibility with exchanged elements.

The range of our production and deliveries covers main parts and fuel equipment:

  • Cylinder liners,
  • Cylinder heads,
  • Piston rods,
  • Water jackets, 
  • Cams,
  • Water and oil pumps,
  • Injection pumps and injectors,
  • Spur / gear / cog wheels,
  • Safety valves,
  • Indicator valves,
  • Plunger & barrels,
  • Spare parts for fuel systems,
  • Other engine parts,
  • Spare parts for air compressors,
  • Spare parts for pneumatic systems.

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