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Research& Development

Product description

H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. has 170 years of experience with specialist professionals, top production facilities and is an instantly recognisable brand-name to boot. HCP SA is a longstanding field-leader in many areas of operation, including shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and energy industry. The accumulated knowledge base is wide, both in potential and application. H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAŃ S.A. would like to share its Research and Development Department.


-          Technical consulting,

-          Analyses,

-          Innovation and Research-and-Development projects.


·         Cogeneration systems,

·         Renewable-energy sources,

·         Compression machines,

·         Steel constructions,

·         Electrical drives,

·         Pressure elements,

·         Welded connections,

·         Converter systems,

·         Mechanical systems.


·         Technical analyses and calculations,

·         Devices and installations designing,

·         Optimisation of technologies in use,

·         Consulting and consultation services,

·         Participation in scientific and research projects, commercialisation of innovations,

·         Research and testing of existing technical solutions,

·         Design and construction of testing stations for installations and devices,

·         Multi-variant scenario-based analyses in the implementation of new technical solutions,

·         Creating assessments and reports regarding the profitability of investment ventures,

·         Technical support in selecting technological solutions,

·         Creating and operating analytic tools enabling the evaluation of selected technological processes,

·         Technological processes optimisation,

·         Calculative and executive projects,

·         Arrangements with certification bodies,

·         Complex preparation of credits in the field of qualified, welded connections.

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